How Does Solar Energy Help the Environment in North Carolina?

2 min read

Going green in 2022? Then consider going solar too! With a customized solar panel system from Pink Energy, you can join the thousands of Americans who are making use of clean, renewable energy to provide power for their homes. 

North Carolina homeowners interested in the benefits of solar may start their research with the potential savings that can come from using solar energy to supplement grid power. But solar panels can be a positive asset for more than just your wallet, positively impacting the environment around you. Let’s discuss how solar energy can help North Carolinians live more sustainably.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

When fossil fuels like oil and coal are converted into usable energy for our homes, businesses, manufacturing processes and more, they emit significant amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Carbon emissions in excess contribute to rising global temperatures, creating an increasingly inhospitable planet. Unlike such nonrenewable, harmful energy sources, solar energy can be tapped again and again without drain or environmental damage through carbon emissions. By utilizing solar energy to help provide power to your home, you immediately reduce your carbon footprint.

Reduce Air and Water Pollution

Mining and burning fossil fuels for energy releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, toxifying the air and driving up the earth’s temperature. When converting solar energy into electricity for your home, solar panels do not emit any harmful air pollutants. If enough homeowners used solar energy to help power their homes, we could see a significant reduction in air pollution over time. 

Water is an essential component in today’s manufacturing processes, but water pollutants are a common byproduct. Solar panels, while themselves are manufactured using water, don’t need any to create electricity.

Reduce Hazardous Waste

Not only do coal-fired plants emit toxic gases into the air, but they are also responsible for dumping millions of tons of toxic manufacturing byproducts. This waste often ends up in landfills and can expose nearby residents to potentially harmful pollutants. Again, solar panels can produce electricity to be used in your home without also creating dangerous waste.

Live More Sustainably With Solar Energy

At Pink Energy, we believe in a more sustainable future. That’s why we’re committed to making solar electricity accessible and affordable, no matter where you live. If you’re interested in living a greener life with the help of a custom solar panel system from industry experts, contact your local Pink Energy team for a free quote today!