How Solar Modules Power Your Asheville Home

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If you’re thinking about adding solar energy, it’s good to know the kind of technology that you are introducing into your daily life. Solar panel systems can work around the clock to keep your home running, capitalizing on the sun’s rays to generate clean, renewable energy. But if you don’t understand how your solar system works, you might not fully grasp what relying on solar energy means. For a full rundown of the solar system process, read the article below!

How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels power your home by allowing particles of light known as photons to knock electrons free from atoms. This reaction generates a flow of electricity that can be circulated by your inverter throughout your home and used to power your appliances, lights and other electronics. The energy-making process takes place within a solar module, which is the real tool that allows solar energy to be so effective.

How Solar Modules Work

Solar modules, or photovoltaic cells, are what each individual solar panel is made of. Within each solar panel are many of these smaller units, each of which is made up of two slices of semiconducting material, in most cases silicon. The cells have a positive and negative layer that creates an electric field. Here, sunlight is converted into electrical energy.

The energy created during this process is known as direct current electricity (DC), which needs to be converted into alternating current (AC) by your solar inverter before it can power your home. The AC energy is then fed into your breaker box and circulated through your home.

Your solar modules will create energy during the day when the sun is shining. Your backup battery allows you to store extra unused energy that your home can use at night or during a power outage.

Get Top-Tier Solar Panels With Pink Energy

Your solar system is only as good as the panels, and by extension, the solar modules that it relies upon! That’s why at Pink Energy, we make sure to offer only the highest quality American-made solar panels. This ensures that our clients can enjoy the maximum benefits from their system and feel confident that their panels will last for years! Ready to add solar? Contact us today for more information!