Pink Energy VALUE PACK

Solar Panels + Pink Energy Battery + SMARTPWR360º = The Ultimate Solar Solution
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Solar Panels

Our American-made solar panels provide excellent power output and high efficiency. They are rated as tier-1 and composed of monocrystalline so you can expect optimal system performance with fewer panels. Plus, their sleek, all-black design ensures they’ll keep a low profile on your roof. blend seamlessly into your roof.

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Pink Energy Battery Backup Power3

Our partnership with Pink Energy, a leader in the power industry, provides reliable battery backups for your solar panel system. A Pink Energy battery backup system can help support your solar panels by storing excess energy for later use at night or during power outages.

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SMARTPWR360º™ Solutions

To ensure your solar panels are operating at peak efficiency, we aim to make your home as energy efficient as possible. That’s why we created our SMARTPWR360º™ package to help reduce your home’s overall energy consumption and potentially increase your electric bill savings by up to 25%.4

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What Makes The Pink Energy Value Pack A Top Seller?

We combined our solar panels, a Pink Energy battery and SMARTPWR360º™ solutions into one solution so your solar energy goes further! Together, each element of the package works to maximize the solar energy produced and minimize the energy necessary to power your Asheville-area home.

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